We would like to recommend some of Hans Tolford’s latest works.


“Illustrations on paper: 7 moon”  By Hans Tolford (AUS)

As a reviewer, the work of Hans Tolford “7 moon” is an experience of magnifying sentiment. The case of a pure contemplation that allows vibration in human interior. I felt it a bit like an activation of long forgotten and hidden spirits. Just as signs of the zodiac have been able to activate thougths of primitive man. The lines on the sheet speaks to the modern human being, whose task is merely to be sucked into the figurative art.

The expression of the works lets them enter a dialogue with the viewer’s mind, and every time his eyes fall on the mesmerizing and kaleidoscopic line structures, they reminiscent of something else, something beyond themselves. Works that border and with almost dialectical properties reminds me of the qualities the famous madeleine cake also posses. They will be able to send the viewer on, so the actual value does not consist in being simple drawings, but will represent something different, something deeper that already exist in man. The simple works and movements can flow through the body like a glacial river that washes winter of itself. Powerful – strong – monotonous.

Hans Tolford is a very exclusive type of artist. For some it will be an opportunity to see him as a work of art in itself, his behavior on the art scene that is. This I believe is not the case. I admit- anyway the secrets puts a bit of mystery in HT, as well as the making of the works. But most importantly, I believe that the clandestine of this artist is a prerequisite for his art. This enables it to speak free of it’s creator, but with its own voice that can speak freely to the viewer.

– Black Mountain Reviews 2012

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